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Power Flushing

RB Heating & Plumbing has been a pioneer in power flushing services. Power flushing is of utmost importance for your radiators which is why it is also called radiator flushing. With power flushing we ensure that your radiators are performing at their highest efficiency.
Power flushing radiators ensures that there is improved heating efficiency, longer radiator life, lower electrical bills and warmer homes. If your gas boiler is not performing as it should then it is in dire need of power flushing.
Symptoms like uneven heating, poor heat circulation, unwanted noises, frequent pump failure indicate that you need to power flush radiator system.
If you are confused between power flush or chemical clean then go ahead with power flushing as it is cheap, quick and extremely reliable. Power flushing makes a big difference in your monthly electricity bills.
Our aim is to make sure that we provide quality and right performance. Certain chemicals like sludge crust breakers and removers make sure optimum power flushing is achieved.
Our team of experts are always ready to help you. You can connect with us if you have any query. Moreover, we help you remove unwanted blockages and help prevent further blockages.
Therefore, look no further than us and avail our services right away. We provide hassle free and top-quality power flushing services in London.

Improved Heating Efficiency

Longer Boiler Life

Warmer Home

Lower Bills

Radiator Clearance